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The keys to sales success in the group health and welfare benefits market are recognizing the opportunities in your territory and understanding the competitive threats that you are up against. That's why we have created a suite of tools aimed precisely at giving you a comprehensive view of your entire sales landscape. We want to give you the information you need to find highly qualified leads, defend against rival agents and brokers, and create winning sales proposals that will drive your market share growth.

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Group Benefits Prospecting

The American Directory of Group Insurance is the leading prospecting tool for the large U.S. group health and welfare market. This tool combines the plan information collected by the Department of Labor with our exclusive directory of employer key decision-makers and plan analytical tools. The result is unparalleled competitive intelligence and access to grow your market share.

Who uses the American Directory of Group Insurance Plans?

  • Insurance agents, brokers, and TPAs who are looking to identify employer groups that may be interested in their products and services.
  • Insurance brokers and carriers interested in comparing their market share to competitors.
  • Insurance carriers that need to identify employer prospects for their internal sales forces.

What does the American Directory of Group Insurance include?

  • Freshest data on the market. We already have data on every available plan that was set to renew in 2013.  No other provider has more or fresher data than we do.
  • Broker, carrier and provider names on every plan that reports their relationships.
  • Email addresses and names of HR, benefits, and finance decision makers at employer groups.
  • Advanced Search Filters capable of pinpointing the leads that are most similar to your best clients using more than 100 search terms, such as renewal month, funding type, location and provider name.
  • Excel data exports that bring every data element on the Form 5500 out of our tool and into Excel for easy analysis and sharing.
  • Ten years of historical plan data let you take the long view when putting your sales proposals together.
  • Cleanest data available anywhere. Our data cleansing team standardizes the carrier and provider names individual employers and other plan sponsors report on their disclosure forms, ensuring that you receive comprehensive insight into the market.  Other vendors simply supply the raw data from the Form 5500, even in cases where it is too irregular to provider accurate searches.
  • Affordable and scalable. We offer an array of subscription options catering to the needs of businesses of all different sizes, with the most affordable starting at as little as $180 for an entire year of service.
  • Client support and training. Our client education staff is on-hand to teach you and your team what is available in our tools and how to find what you need to drive your revenue streams.  Training and support are available through live and recorded webinars and through our toll free hotline— all included with your subscription.

Where Does Our Data Come From?

Our employer contact information is derived from the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Form 5500 and from our own private market research.

We call tens of thousands of employers annually to update and amend their
contact information because the Department of Labor does not release Form 5500s
until months after the end of the plan year. We collect the current names,
phone numbers, mailing addresses and email addresses of their human resource
managers, benefits managers and finance managers. We also ask them for their
primary insurance carriers. All of this effort results in an extensive and
unique set of directories of U.S. employers that you won’t find anywhere else.

Freshest data on the market. We already have data on every available plan that was set to renew in 2013.  No other provider has more or fresher data than we do. 

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