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Many government filings, such as the 1099 tax form, require you to include the Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) of the companies with which you do business. Finding the correct EIN isn’t always easy and mistakes can lead to costly fines. That’s why we created EIN Finder, a database of 7 million EINs and a host of tools to help you get your government documents right the first time.

Who uses EIN Finder?

  • Financial institutions and accounting firms that prepare tax forms and other government documents for their corporate clients.
  • Legal institutions that prepare court documents for their corporate clients.

What does EIN Finder include?

  • The ability to search for EINs by:
    1. Company name.
    2. Company state or zip code.
    3. Company NAICS industry code.
  • Reverse look up, which permits you to search for a company by EIN.
  • For each record, your subscription includes:
    1. All company names known to be associated with each EIN.
    2. All addresses known to be associated with each EIN.
    3. All phone numbers known to be associated with each EIN.
    4. The NAICS industry code for each EIN.
  • Every record also includes a variety of metrics to help you determine which company name or EIN is the one for which you are searching:
    1. IRS Match shows you if the IRS has verified the EIN in question.
    2. EIN-Company Match Rate shows you what percent of the time each company name appears with each EIN in our system, with the most common name highlighted.
    3. EIN Occurrence Rate tells you what percent of the time an EIN appeared in records matching your search criteria.
  • The ability to compare a large list of EINs against our database

Where Does Our Data Come From?

We created our EIN Finder database by scanning thousands of available public records and filings. We are constantly adding new sources of official data to supplement our listings, and our staff works continuously to verify and update existing data. EIN Finder is one of the largest databases of its kind on the Internet.

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