Retirement Plan Prospector

Retirement Plan Prospector brings the prospecting strategies of successful retirement sales professionals to every subscriber.

The Science of Successful Prospecting

Science of Successful Prospecting

When employers consider changing their retirement advisors, it’s often because their plans experience certain common shortcomings or evolving needs. We’ve learned from our most successful clients how to recognize these signs and designed Retirement Plan Prospector to help you take advantage of these precursors to change.

These are some of the ways we’ve built sales prospecting best practices into our tools:

Red Flags are more than a dozen plan characteristics that indicate possible problems in a plan’s design or administration. We’ve included them as fields in our Search Center to make them easy to use.

Plan Scores evaluate a plan’s overall design and performance against all other plans in the country. It’s the quickest way to decide on which potential prospects to concentrate. You’ll find it on the Plan Score Card.

Plan Score Barometer shows you whether a given plan’s score is high or low compared to that of its peers. You’ll also find this on the Plan Score Card.

Recommended Prospects are the plans in your territory that we have identified for you as good prospects to consider.

Recommended Searches are pre-built Advanced Searches that you can run with a single click to find lists of plans in your territory that are likely to be good prospects.

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The Mechanics of Successful Prospecting

Mechanics of Successful Prospecting

Building your retirement business starts with knowing what to look for in a future client. That’s why we meticulously integrated the science of prospecting into every aspect of Retirement Plan Prospector.

These are some of the tools we’ve built to help you access the best leads for your business:

Advanced Search tools put more than 400 different filtering options at your fingertips—but with an intuitive design that makes them easy to use.

Plan Summary distills the form 5500 into a few plain English sentences about the most important plan details.

Historical Trends and Comparisons indicate how a plan’s performance has changed for key metrics in the past one, three and five years.

Graphic-Rich Report Builder allows you to customize our graphic-rich plan reports. Be prepared for your next client meeting in seconds.

CRM-Friendly Export means that any of our plan data can be uploaded into your other databases smoothly.

Current and Comprehensive Data means that you can always count on our data being updated with each monthly release from the DOL, including every retirement 5500 available.

Bookmarking Plans means you can easily track your own clients or targets.

Saved Searches make it a cinch to re-create past research. This is especially helpful for those users who download data on behalf of their colleagues: just save a search for each teammate and refresh their lead lists every time.

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