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The top priorities for third party administrators are finding the right carriers and products to recommend and finding the employers to recommend those products to. With our set of directories and prospecting tools, we put your entire market at your fingertips. Increase your exposure to carriers operating in your region and find employers that are likely to switch to your services to grow your book of business quickly and efficiently.

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Self-Funded Prospecting

The Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans is a powerful prospecting tool designed to pinpoint prospective clients in the lucrative self-funded market. But unlike our American Directory of Group Insurance, it focuses exclusively on the self-funded market and gives you the ability to search for TPAs and other services providers who were paid more than $5,000 out of plan assets.

Who uses the Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans?

  • Insurance brokers who are looking to identify self-funded employer groups that may be interested in their products and services.
  • Insurance brokers and carriers interested in comparing their market share to competitors.
  • Insurance carriers that need to identify employer prospects for their internal sales forces.

What is included in the Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans?

  • Information on every fully or partially self-funded health and welfare plan that was reported on a Form 5500 collected by the Department of Labor, including:
    1. Broker and carrier commissions, fees, and premiums.
    2. Plan renewal month.
    3. Plan assets and expenses.
    4. Carrier, broker and providers.
  • Phone numbers and mailing addresses for employers’ key human resources, benefits, and finance personnel, regularly updated by Judy Diamond Associates.
  • 33,000 email addresses for employers’ decision-makers.
  • Hundreds of searchable criteria to qualify prospects.
  • The ability to export the relevant information about your prospects.
  • The ability to identify any Third Party Administrator (TPA) or other service providers paid more than $5,000 with plan assets.
  • The Self-Funded Comparison Tool, which allows you to compare a plan or group of plans to one another based on standard criteria to help you highlight your selling points for prospects.

Where Does Our Data Come From?

Our employer contact information is derived from the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Form 5500 and from our own private market research.

We call tens of thousands of employers annually to update and amend their
contact information because the Department of Labor does not release Form 5500s
until months after the end of the plan year. We collect the current names,
phone numbers, mailing addresses and email addresses of their human resource
managers, benefits managers and finance managers. We also ask them for their
primary insurance carriers. All of this effort results in an extensive and
unique set of directories of U.S. employers that you won’t find anywhere else.

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