BCMS provides unmatched intelligence on brokers’ books of business and competitive standing to carriers in the large group employee benefits space. With a unique approach to the data that focuses on brokers rather than plans, there is simply no other tool like BCMS. This is why.

The Science Behind Broker Recruitment

A strong sales team starts with savvy recruitment. But you can’t find top performing benefits brokers simply by searching across plan filings collected by the Department of Labor. The tens of thousands of administrators who submit them interpret the broker-related questions differently. Some list their individual agents’ names, others their brokerages’ names. Some write out full legal names, others abbreviate.

Only BCMS has the time-tested data management processes to overcome these inconsistencies and give you a fuller picture of brokers’ businesses.
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Science Behind Broker Recruitment

Here’s how we do it:

Broker-Plan Matching Technology

We have a rigorous cleansing process that matches plans to brokers and agents, even when the 5500s don’t clearly identify their relationships because different filers interpreted the questions differently.

Broker RecruitmentBroker recruitment backed by custom market share calculations

You define your market by geography, line of business, plan size (with at least 100 participants,) etc. BCMS will tell you immediately who the top broker or top carrier is based on your parameters.

Broker CommissionBroker commission and premium modelling

As filed, the 5500 comingles the premiums and commissions collected for different plan types under a single policy, making it difficult to assess the contributions of individual brokers. Only Judy Diamond Associates has created a successful methodology to determine which brokers control the business and model premiums across different lines of coverage.


Prioritizing Recruits

When your goal is to find top brokers, you need a tool that focuses on finding brokers. Not plans. That’s why we built BCMS. So you can concentrate on expanding your sales team with accurate, broker-centric intelligence.

Search by Broker

Our broker research tool, BCMS, is the only broker-centric tool on the market. It enables you to organize your results by the brokers who fit your requirements—not just the plans they service – so you can more easily review their performance. Bonus: you can also search by carrier if you want to review your competitors.

Prioritizing Recruits

Create custom market share calculations

You define the market, we’ll tell you who’s on top. Want to know the top dental plan broker in zip code 10018 by lives covered? Easy. By total premiums? Just as simple. Even calculate the market share for other carriers just as easily.

Drill down into carrier relationships

Before you contact a broker, find out which other carriers they currently represent and how much of their large group business they place with each. If they work with your competitors, you can adjust your messaging to them.

Review brokers’ client lists

You can specifically target brokers who work with the companies you wish to onboard. Review every brokers’ client list before you begin recruiting them.

Download individual agents’ names

We don’t just tell you the name of the brokerage that has the business. Where possible we give you the agent’s name, too. With our broker-plan matching technology, we can do this more than any other source.

Call top brokers

Where possible, we provide phone numbers as well as mailing addresses so you can reach out to the brokers who have the right relationships in your territory.

Welcome Top Brokers to Your Sales Team

Rigorously cleansed data and broker-centric research tools combine to give you the visibility you need to identify the best brokers to represent your products to employers and other plan sponsors. Understanding their market positions can help you to create more compelling messages and to encourage them to represent your products.
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Welcome Top Brokers

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