The Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans

The American Directory of Group Insurance and the Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans support the lead generation and prospecting efforts of sales and marketing professionals in the employee benefits space with current, comprehensive and accurate form 5500 data and tools.

At every step leading up to the prospective client appointments, both deliver valuable data and tools to help you grow your market share. While the Group Directory includes all benefits 5500s, the Self-Funded Directory focuses exclusively on self-funded plans and pairs them with unique search tools to help you win more business.

  • Find Plans That Look Like Your Best Clients

Think about what your most profitable customers have in common with one another. They might have a similar number of participants, belong to a certain industry, be located in a certain area, or offer certain voluntary benefits. Whatever they look like, the Group Directory and Self-Funded Directory can help you find more plans just like them.

With more than 100 different searchable fields – more than any other data provider – you can easily find the plans that most closely resemble your ideal targets.

Plans Best for Your Clients

Prioritize Leads

  • Prioritize Leads with the Most Current and Comprehensive Data

Not even the Department of Labor can match the amount of historical perspective we provide on each plan. With filings dating as far back as 1999, you can familiarize yourself with the long-term context in which plan decision-makers are operating and tailor your pitch to their individual situation.

Monthly updates from the DOL keep our database fresh and our information meaningful. Other vendors imply their data is more recent than ours, but they are relying on data gimmicks to do so. Don’t be misled.

Prioritize Leads

  • Outsell the Competition

Start by targeting your competitors’ clients. We have an exhaustive data cleansing process that results in far more accurate search results when you look for plans that are serviced by competing brokers, carriers or other providers.

Estimate the strength of a plan’s relationship with its carriers by looking at the length of their relationships – courtesy of the graphical timeline we create using our unparalleled amount of plan historical data.

Craft the perfect approach, so you can compete on fees, value, and service.

Outsell the Competition

Meetings with Plan Decision Makers

  • Schedule Meetings with Plan Decision-Makers

Finding the right targets and using plan details and competitive information to craft your pitch are important, but only if you can reach the right people at the plan. We reach out to the plans directly to obtain the names, titles and email addresses of their plan decision makers (HR, benefits and CFOs) so you will know how to get in front of the leaders. Add to that, new integration of LinkedIn profiles for plan decision makers and you have one of the most comprehensive intel on prospective clients.

Meetings with Plan Decision Makers

  • Impress Prospects with Your Grasp of Their Needs

Download detailed reports on each plan before you head into your client meetings so you have all of the key facts and figures on hand and professionally laid out. Alternatively, download your results into Excel for maximum efficiency.

Impress Prospects

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