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Advanced Plan Score Cards

The Basic Plan Score system examines every Defined Contribution plan across seven metrics of performance, mapped against all other DC plans in the country. The Advanced Score, however, compares that same plan against other plans:

  • In the state
  • In the same industry
  • With similar participant counts
  • With similar asset levels

Now you can show a score based on what is most important to your prospect!

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Performance-based Benchmarking

This tool allows you to create a peer group to benchmark against a single plan sponsor. The results will show how well the plan is doing compared to the peer group, across several different metrics of plan performance. Because you can define the peer group, there are a variety of potential uses. You can create a peer group comprised of:

  • Plans run by your competitor to show how they underperform.
  • Your clients to show how well plans do under your care.
  • Competitors of the plan sponsor, so they can see how their plan stacks up.

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Map-Based Insights

Plot your results on a national or state level map to assess your market share, national and regional trends, areas of opportunity, or even plan a sales road trip. Spot trends and opportunities that may otherwise be easy to miss.
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Dynamic Marketing Letters

Knowing how to approach a prospect is as important as identifying them. Our new collection of pre-fabricated marketing letters lets you pick from a dozen professionally-written approach letters. Each letter automatically pulls relevant data from the specific plan sponsor you’re reaching out to for a highly bespoke customer experience:

  • Each letter is written by the 401(k) marketing professionals at Judy Diamond Associates.
  • Each letter focuses on a different area of plan performance, such as rate of return, corrective distributions or participation rates.
  • Only letters that apply to the plan sponsor in question are shown as active, to help you select the best letter for that sponsor.

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Pre-generated Talking Points

Talking Points give you access to the experience and industry knowledge of the Judy Diamond Associates team. We generate talking points by looking at a single retirement plan to determine any problems with the design, administration, or performance of the plan. We then condense that into a specific talking point, and provide a plain English description of how to address that issue with the plan sponsor, using the latest available data from the plan itself.

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Industry Plan Research & Analysis

Unlock the value of our hundreds of thousands of records. This tool is ideal for anyone who needs to understand the trends and average values for any piece of the US retirement market. Now you can examine the whole country, or just a single county, providing a flexibility that is unique to Prospector+.

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