Self-Funded directory

The only lead generation and analysis tools created specifically for the self-funded market.

Find Self-Funded Plans in 5 Simple Steps

ACCESS the most current data available from the Department of Labor. We are the only provider to scrub the data to ensure you receive the most accurate search results possible.

REFINE your proposals based on what plans are currently paying in fees for services from other providers – this is especially helpful for TPAs and consultants.

TAILOR your sales pitch with key plan facts, including plan size, funding arrangements, and lines of coverage.

REACH new prospects with plan decision-makers’ names, titles and email addresses that aren’t available anywhere else. Impress your potential clients with detailed, ready to use plan reports. We’ve also added LinkedIn integration. LinkedIn is a critical tool that can make your prospecting faster, smoother and, ultimately, more profitable.


Self-Funded Directory delivers:

    • Monthly updates to both plan data and contact names. New data is available days after it is released by the Department of Labor.
    • Names, Titles and Email addresses for plan decision-makers including LinkedIn integration.
    • Broker, carrier and provider names, contact information and history of their relationships with the plan.
    • Biggest database on the market— years of history showing how plans’ relationships with providers, costs, size, etc. have changed over time.
    • Starting as low as $160 annually.
Self-Funded Directory

Superior quality. Exclusive data. Robust tools.

Judy Diamond Associates data powers the sales and marketing engines of 15 of the top 20 group benefits carriers.

Boost your team with comprehensive benefits plan lead generation and analysis.

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