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The keys to sales success in the group health and welfare benefits market are recognizing the opportunities in your territory and understanding the competitive threats that you are up against. That's why we have created a suite of tools aimed precisely at giving you a comprehensive view of your entire sales landscape. We want to give you the information you need to find highly qualified leads, defend against rival agents and brokers, and create winning sales proposals that will drive your market share growth.

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Competitive Intelligence

With the Brokers and Carriers Market Share Database, identify the dominant brokers in each territory, which employers work with which brokers and carriers, and collect critical facts about employer plans to help you take over the business and grow your market share.

Who uses the Brokers and Carriers Market Share Database?

  • Insurance brokers who wish to review competing brokers’ books of business and assess their own market share and growth strategies.
  • Insurance carriers that want to find and recruit high-performing, well-connected brokers in targeted territories.

What is included in the Brokers and Carriers Market Share Database?

  • Exclusive contact information for more than 36,000+ health and welfare brokers and 2,200 carriers.
  • The ability to view the:
    1. Employers working with brokers in your territory.
    2. Total premiums and lives covered for each plan in competing other brokers’ books of business.
    3. Total commissions other brokers are collecting for each plan.
    4. Carriers that each broker represents.
  • Advanced search even permits you to identify who the top brokers are in your territory.
  • The ability to export the relevant information about your prospects.

Where Does Our Data Come From?

We obtain our broker and carrier data directly from the Schedule A of the Form 5500 plan disclosure documents collected by the Department of Labor from approximately 80,000 group policies. For our Brokers and Carriers Market Share Database, we employ a series of proprietary algorithms and processes to verify and amend the raw government data to present a clear picture of the U.S. large group insurance market, complete with detailed broker contact information.

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