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Reliable Lead Intelligence

Reliable Lead Intelligence.

Tailor your sales pitch with detailed information about the plan, its providers, and our costs, using our exclusive Modeled Premiums.

Detailed Competitive Insight

Detailed Competitive Insight.

Discover which brokers and carriers hold the business, what they receive in commissions and fees, and the history of their relationships with the plan using the most current, accurate plan info on the market.

Bigger Market Share

Bigger Market Share.

Reach new prospects with the contact names and emails for 90,000+ plan decision makers on top of those found in the 5500. Impress potential clients with detailed plan reports.

Data that Drives Your Business Forward.

Find Ideal Targets

Find Ideal Targets – Plans That Look Like Your Best Clients

Think about what your most profitable customers have in common (number of participants, industry, area, voluntary benefits) and, find more plans just like them, your ideal targets, using:

  • 134 different searchable fields: more than any other data provider, including the ability to do both OR and AND searches, Zip Code Radius Searches, Current Filings, Historical searches and more.
  • Company Brief function: which combines data from every plan and policy and rolls it up for a company-level overview. This provides an unmatched and comprehensive view of a plan sponsor’s benefits package.
  • Vendor payment history: See the last five years of payments by the carrier and modeled premium (health, life, dental, etc.) of your choice. The tool also allows for reports on broker and third party compensation.

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Prioritize Leads

Prioritize Leads with the Most Current and Comprehensive Data

Tailor your pitch to your lead’s individual situation, using:

  • Modeled Insurance Premiums – Exclusive to JDA: In consultation with the biggest insurers in the country, we developed a method for breaking Insurance contract policies apart, accurately determining how much a plan sponsor is spending on a multi-coverage insurance policy. We even applied it to the carriers and brokers themselves, so you can see how much each carrier collected for any of the primary types of insurance coverage.
  • Familiarize yourself with the plan’s long-term context: with filings dating as far back as 1999 and monthly updates from the Department of Labor, not even they can match the historical perspective we provide on each plan.
Prioritize Leads

Outsell the Competition

Outsell the Competition

  • Map-Based Results: Plot your results on a national or state level map to assess your own market share or uncover gaps in your competitor’s. Spot trends and opportunities that may otherwise be easy to miss.
  • Target your competitors’ clients: We have an exhaustive data cleansing process that results accurate search results when you look for plans that are serviced by competing brokers, carriers or other providers.
  • Carrier, Provider and Plan Type Timelines: Estimate the strength of a plan’s relationship with its carriers by looking at the length of their relationships, using graphical timeline of large plan historical data by plan Type, Carrier (Schedule A with broker detail) and Prover (schedule C).
  • Craft the perfect approach, so you can compete on fees, value, and service.

Schedule Meetings with Plan Decision-Makers

Schedule Meetings with Plan Decision-Makers

Finding the right targets and crafting your pitch are important, but only if you can reach the right people at the plan:

  • Unique Contacts: Full integration of LinkedIn profiles for plan decision makers and you get access to 90,000 unique contacts which are not found in the 5500, one of the most comprehensive intel on prospective clients.
  • We reach out to the plans directly to obtain the names, titles and email addresses of their plan decision makers (HR, benefits and CFOs) so you will know how to get in front of the leaders.

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Schedule Meetings with Plan Decision-Makers

Impress Prospects with Your Grasp of Their Needs

Impress Prospects with Your Grasp of Their Needs

  • Sponsor and Plan Level Data: Large companies often file more than one Form 5500. In Group Insurance, those plans are tied together or aggregated across plans, eliminating false positives. Search by either the individual plans of a sponsor, or the sponsor’s entire set of plans achieving an accurate view of the full benefits package of a plan sponsor. Easily determine how much a sponsor spends with each service provider, carrier, or broker without manually breaking out and summing up each Schedule A or C from each 5500.
  • Download detailed reports or Excel sheets on each plan before you head into your client meetings so you have all of the key facts and figures on hand and professionally laid out.



Self-Funded Plans in 5 Simple Steps

Find Self-Funded Plans in 5 Simple Steps

  1. ACCESS the most current data available from the Department of Labor.
  2. REFINE your proposals based on what plans are currently paying in fees for services from other providers – this is especially helpful for TPAs and consultants.
  3. TAILOR your sales pitch with key plan facts, including plan size, funding arrangements, and lines of coverage.
  4. REACH new prospects with plan decision-makers’ names, titles and email addresses that aren’t available anywhere else, including LinkedIn integration. Impress your potential clients with detailed, ready to use plan reports.
  5. WIN new self-funded clients with superior understanding of their needs.

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Self-Funded Plans in 5 Simple Steps

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