Raw Data

A World of Raw Data Confusion

Our time-tested data cleansing processes and unmatched industry expertise transform raw data into meaningful business intelligence.

Raw Data

We’ve cleaned up and standardized 5500 plan data so your searches and analyses work as you intend.

Carrier, Broker and Provider Name Standardization

Our name standardization gives you more accurate search results


Only Judy Diamond Associates tools will return all six plans when you search for “MetLife.”

Form 5500

Broker Commission and Premium Modelling

As filed, the 5500 comingles the premiums and commissions collected for different plan types under a single policy, making it difficult to assess the contributions of an individual broker. Only Judy Diamond Associates has created a successful methodology to determine which brokers control the business and to model premiums across different lines of coverage.

Our exclusive commission and premium modelling empower you to concentrate on the lead broker.

Form 5500

Broker-Plan Matching Technology

Provider Name Standardization

HR Director, Big Box, Inc.
Reported his broker as:
John Smith
Best Broker, LLC

Provider Name Standardization

Benefits Manager, Regional Restaurants, Inc.
Reported her broker as:
Best Brokers LLC
123 Main Street

Provider Name Standardization

VP of Human Resources, Mega Media, Co.
Reported his broker as:
John Smith
123 Main Street

Only Judy Diamond Associates can tell you all three use the same broker.
That’s the kind of enhanced visibility you can only get
with our Broker-Plan Matching technology.

Find Broker Client Data for Voluntary Benefits

Most voluntary benefits are simply tagged as “other” on the form 5500. Employers then write in the name of the plan type. In the raw data, these entries are not standard, making searches for voluntary benefits plans tricky. It also makes searching for brokers’ voluntary book of business largely impossible with raw data.

Not only do we standardize these free text responses, we tie them to individual brokers so you can research your competition.

Common Voluntary Benefits Indices

Voluntary Life
Travel Accident
Stop Loss
Short Term Disability
Point of Service
Long Term Care
Employee Assistance
Dependent Life