One Form 5500, Two Industries

Retirement vs. Health & Welfare when Examining 5500 Data This article is going to focus on how the disclosure differs for two distinct industries, retirement and welfare. Sponsors fill out a different Form 5500 for these plans and may even file a separate 5500 for multiple types of retirement or welfare plans. A great example is that a Sponsor might have a defined benefit plan and a defined contribution plan. That would result in two different filings with the Department of Labor. Despite being utilized by both retirement and welfare plans, 5500 data has a lot in common between these ...
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The History of the Employee Retirement Income Savings Act (ERISA)

The Early Days of Pension Plans Private pension plans had been around in various forms since the early 1890s, but first real regulation of pension plans came with the Revenue Acts of 1921, 1926, and 1928, which included three major provisions that helped define retirement plans as we know them today. These acts allowed corporations to deduct contributions made to pension plans from their reported income, and allowed pension funds to accumulate income tax-free, and deferred taxes on the participants until the pension was distributed. These benefits were accompanied by discrimination testing and financial audit requirements. One of catalysts that ...
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Introducing the JDA Blog!

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of the Judy Diamond Associates official blog site. While we have always included resources and research about employee benefits in general and the Department of Labor Form 5500 in specific, we are now doubling our efforts to provide our clients and the community as a whole informative and insightful commentary related to all things 5500. By the way, if you have not already downloaded our free 2018 401(k) Benchmark Report, please check it out by following this link. Our goal here is to provide information that can help you gain an edge ...
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Smallest Companies Have Highest-Performing 401(k) Plans, ALM Intelligence Study Finds

New York, NY—March 20, 2017 — ALM Intelligence has published the results of the second annual 401(k) Plan Benchmark Report from its benefits unit, Judy Diamond Associates. This in-depth analysis from Judy Diamond Associates examined active 401(k) plans with at least one current participant and more than $3,000 in plan assets during 2015, the most recent fiscal year for which data is available. The approximately 500,000 plans evaluated for the benchmark report cover about 53 million eligible workers and an estimated $4.1 trillion in total assets across 26 industries ...
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Choosing between an employer who has a 401(k) match and one who doesn’t

November 7, 2016 When you’re choosing between two job opportunities, many people will compare the salaries, and go with the higher pay. But it’s just as important to compare the benefits. Read full article Source: The Washington Post ...
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