Over 14 million EINs and the tools to find the right one.

EIN Finder is a database that empowers you to mine over 14 million employer identification numbers for the correct data on specific companies.

EIN Finder includes legal and D.B.A. (“doing business as”) company names, known addresses and phone numbers, and tools to help you determine which record is right for your purposes.

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EIN Finder has the tools you’re looking for:

D.B.A. Company Name Search

D.B.A. Company Name Search

Find the correct EIN even if you only know the “doing business as” names.

IRS-Verified EINs

IRS-Verified EINs

IRS Match tells you if the IRS has verified that each EIN is paired with the correct name.

EIN Reverse Lookup

EIN Reverse Lookup

Find the correct company name and contact info with just the EIN.

Broad Company Data to Identify the Right EIN

Broad Company Data

What does EIN Finder include?

    • IRS match score indicating whether the name and D.B.A. name are legally recognized.
    • Alternate company addresses and their U.S. Postal Service status.
    • Company’s NAICS industry code.
    • Company’s phone number.

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EIN API Service

The best EIN finder option if you need to verify more than 20 tax ID numbers per month


Our EIN API Service provides an application programming interface (API) to your database to allow you to access EIN information in a fully integrated process, so you can focus on your work more efficiently. EIN information will automatically match within your application, with no need for you to look up this information. All your EIN matches done at once, have the API do the match for you!

Read more about our EIN API automation tool.Read More about EIN API

Plan Score

Red Flags

About Our Data

Plan Score

IRS-Verified EINs

Each year, we reverify every EIN in our system to ensure each is matched with the correct company name. EIN Finder’s IRS Match score gives you a clear indication of our confidence that a name or DBA name is legally recognized. EIN finder is the perfect tool to assure that the data you’re getting is the data you need.

More Records
With over 14 million unique EIN records on over 35 million Business names, EIN Finder is the most exhaustive compendium of EIN data outside of the government. And, all these records originate from state and federal government sources.

Intuitive Search Tools

EIN Finder Subscriptions

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Single User, Limited Search Plans – The Affordable Option.

These plans grant a single user access to the EIN Finder website. Simply choose the number of searches you want to perform per month and the length of the contract!

Single User 100 searches
$149 per month
$349 per year
Tax Season Sale – $99 per month

Single User 300 Searches
$249 per month
$529 per year
Tax Season Sale – $149 per month

Single User Unlimited Searches
$499 per month
$1,399 per year
Tax Season Sale – $349 per month

To purchase or get more information please contact our sales lead William Moomaw at [email protected] or call 202-370-4809 or email us at [email protected] or call (800) 231-0669.

Multiple Users
Multiple user, Unlimited Search Plans are perfect for Unrestritcted Corporate Access
Please call us at 1-800-231-0669 for pricing and information
Data Appending / Licensing Options

Looking to access large data sets of EINs, our Data appending and licensing services are perfect


  • Quickly match a large list
  • Fast turnaround
  • Accurate matching


  • Ideal for systems integration, CRM management, and much more
  • Reseller licenses available for this extremely profitable data
  • Accurate matching
  • Please call 1-800-231-0669 for more information about licensing.

The JDA REST-based API is a perfect tool to integrate the power of EIN Finder into your native systems

  • Quick automated verification
  • Flat monthly rate or discounted annual rates
  • RESTbased

Please call us at 1-800-231-0669 for pricing and information

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