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EIN API Tool: The EIN Information You Need, From a Source You Can Trust

Win in precision and time with our EIN API tool

EIN API automation tool

For clients with larger EIN data verification needs, real-time automated verification is available with our new API service. This REST-Based API can be plugged into webforms, CRMs, or a client’s internal database. It is a perfect tool to verify business IDs during onboarding, filling in White Space in a CRM, or integration in your own processes. Read more about our technology Brochure

By implementing this API:

  • Reduce manual EIN errors and workload, reducing the risk of IRS fines.
  • Increase efficiency and automation allowing you and your colleagues to focus on more complex matters.
  • Scaleable as your business needs grow.

Start building efficiencies, contact us to see how the EIN API tool could be your solution.

The right tool for the job

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​EIN Finder services are highly customizable so that they can fit many different client’s needs. Whether you need a few dozen records a month or hundreds of thousands, this API is a cost-effective option. Our data paired with the convenient API option, is an invaluable resource for:

  • tax prep companies,
  • shipping/logistics businesses,
  • credit-ratings firms,
  • and any company in need of credit verification services.

In addition to both legal names and DBA (doing business as) names, EIN Finder includes known addresses and phone numbers, reverse-search functionality, and tools to ensure that the result you find is exactly the one you need.

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