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Quality benefits broker and plan data has never been easier to get.

When it comes to the decisions that impact your bottom line, information quality is critical. We’ve set the standard for transforming raw 5500 plan data into actionable market intelligence. Let Judy Diamond Associates be your partner in increasing your market penetration.

Data Currency and History

Data Currency and History

The American Directory of Group Insurance and the Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans always contain the most current data available from the Department of Labor. Different vendors classify the same forms in different years, but Judy Diamond Associates uses the same methodology employed by the DOL. A filing from 2012 that was disclosed in 2014 is a 2012 plan. Our tools offer more history online than even the DOL – with data going back to 1999. See how long a plan has been with its current vendor.

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Specialized Research Tools

Specialized Plan Research Tools: American Directory of Group Insurance and the Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans

  • Plan search tools

    We deliver the most robust search suite on the market, packaged in an elegant set of tools designed to help you pinpoint the precise plans you need including one-click queries of our most popular searches.

  • Plan-Carrier relationship graphical timelines

    Our benefits plan research databases create graphical timelines that make it simple to quickly see for how long each plan has worked with each carrier. This is great for when you are assessing how solid a plan’s relationship with its carriers is.

  • Historical Cafeteria plan data with updated contact information

    Because of our long history in the industry, Judy Diamond Associates actually has more benefits data online than even the DOL. We have maintained our list of cafeteria and Section-125 plan sponsors for your convenience. No other provider has any cafeteria plan data to offer.

  • Pre-calculated facts and figures

    For every plan, we calculate the two-year premium change rates and administrative fees per participant so you don’t have to.

Insight Tools

Broker Business Insight Tools: BCMS

BCMS is the only employee benefits plan database delivering a broker-centric and carrier-centric view of the industry. This makes it possible to recruit brokers and assess your competitive position.

  • Broker-Plan Matching Technology

    Some employers report agent names, some use broker names, and some provide alternate addresses. We have a rigorous cleansing process that matches plans to brokers and agents, even when the 5500s don’t clearly identify their relationships. That means the only way to accurately compare the value of different brokers’ books of business is to view them in BCMS.

  • Broker recruitment backed by custom market share calculations

    Whether you’re looking to recruit the top benefits broker in Wichita, KS or any other large group market, BCMS can help you. Whatever your location, line of business or plan size (with at least 100 participants), you can define the market and BCMS will calculate the market share rates instantly for you. Drill down into brokers’ client lists, carrier relationships, etc. and contact them with the phone numbers included in BCMS.

  • Customize the organization of your search results

    Whether you want to see every group health broker in your territory, the carriers working with each broker in your territory, or the plans each carrier placed with each broker, BCMS empowers you to find what you need with just a few quick clicks.

  • Search by broker

    Our broker research tool, BCMS, is the only broker-centric tool on the market. It enables you to specify the kinds of brokers you wish to target and then receive your search results organized by broker, not by plans so you can concentrate on recruitment and competitive analysis. When you’re targeting brokers, BCMS is by far the easiest way to research your territory.

  • Search by carrier

    BCMS, is equally adept at delivering carrier-centric data as it is at delivering broker-centric data. Use carrier-specific search tools and organize your results by the carriers that matter to you.

  • Broker commission and premium modelling

    Raw 5500 data comingles the premiums and commissions collected for different plan types, making it difficult to assess for how much business an individual broker is responsible. Other vendors lack a reliable way to break out this data without double-counting. We have a time-tested commission calculation model in our BCMS database to tell you the true size of prospective recruits. Our exclusive commission and premium modelling enables you to concentrate on the lead broker.

Updated Contact Data

Updated Contact Data

  • All of the contact data included on the 5500
  • Monthly updated names and emails for HR directors, benefits directors and CFOs

    We reach out to the plan sponsors directly to collect the names, email addresses and titles for their benefits plan decision-makers monthly. That means our plan contact data in the Group Directory and the Self-Funded Directory has fresh contact information you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Broker phone numbers

    Only BCMS includes phone numbers for brokers, making it easy to contact them for recruitment. The 5500 lists only a physical address and no other vendor provides phone numbers for the broker of record.

Contact data you won’t find anywhere else.

Data Hygiene

Data Hygiene: Improving Search and Export Accuracy

Never miss a prospect or a top broker because of messy government data. Only Judy Diamond Associates has a time-tested approach to standardizing the data on the 5500, which enables more accurate searches and exports.

  • Standardized broker names

    Whether the broker is listed as John Smith at Best Brokers, LLC; Best Brokers, LLC at 123 Main Street; or John Smith at 123 Main Street, the relevant plans will show up in a search for “Best Brokers” in our databases.

  • Standardized carrier names

    Whether the carrier is listed as M3tlife, Metropolitan Life Company, or Metropolitan Life, it will show up in a search for “Metlife” in our databases.

  • Standardized names of other providers

    No matter how the plan may have listed its TPA, record-keeper, or other provider, only Judy Diamond Associates cleanses and standardizes the records to improve your search accuracy.

  • Standardized voluntary benefits flags

    Voluntary benefits are filed in non-standard “free text” entries on the 5500s. This makes searching by voluntary benefits tricky. Only Judy Diamond Associates standardizes these fields to make it possible to find brokers’ voluntary books of business in BCMS and a complete list of sponsors with those plans in the Group Directory and the Self-Funded Directory.

  • Verified sponsor and broker addresses

    We verify every address in our databases, including those that came straight from the form 5500.

  • CRM-friendly Excel export

    All of our databases are fully exportable to Excel in formats that make uploading data into your CRM system a breeze.