Filling your sales pipeline with qualified leads and creating proposals that meet the unique needs of your prospects are the linchpins of sales success. In today's competitive environment, financial professionals selling in the retirement market are under intense pressure to deliver better results to new and existing clients.

With our selling tools, you can find individuals and employers operating in your territory who are likely to switch to your services as well as the information you need to create tailored, winning sales proposals. With our array of retirement market tools, you can increase sales productivity and grow your market share.

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Group Retirement Lead Generation

RPP-Logo-RGB-lowresWith the new Retirement Plan Prospector, Judy Diamond Associates has created a better way to find prospects to grow your retirement business. Our tools are designed to help you navigate the immense amount of plan data to find the right leads for your business.

What Does Retirement Plan Prospector include?

Prospector makes the complex universe of retirement plan data useful and accessible to all retirement professionals, whether they’re seasoned 5500 veterans or industry rookies:

  • Plan Score Card. The Plan Score Card summarizes a plan’s value as a prospect, and will help you meaningfully compare one plan against another.
  • Red Flags. More than a dozen Red Flags will help you identify plans that might be dissatisfied with their current retirement programs.
  • Recommended Prospects. Begin each day with a fresh set of carefully screened employers that may be ready for a change.
  • New Search Center. Bold new search tools make finding the right prospects quick and intuitive.
  • Recommended Searches. Based on a decade of feedback from our most successful clients. Simply click a button, enter your geography, and go.
  • Report Generator. Build reports that you can share with your clients. They’re colorful, graphical, and informative!
  • Plan Summary. A plain English description of the plan, the assets and the employer’s generosity.
  • Data, Data, and More Data. All the current 5500 data there is to see from 765,000 retirement plans.
  • Emails and Names. Emails for tens of thousands of plan decision-makers.


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