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There are 650,000 companies with 2-99 employees that our health clients never see. We are changing that.


Introducing a Lead Generation Tool for the Small Group Market

Reliable Lead Intelligence

Bigger Market Share

Start with a list of qualified prospects, complete with contact names for 650,000+ plan decision-makers.

Detailed Competitive Insight

Reliable Lead Intelligence

Each lead is a valid, active business that already files benefit information with the DOL and IRS.

Bigger Market Share

Narrow the Field

Target specific audiences and tailor your sales pitch using fields designed specifically for this hard-to-parse market demographic.

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Find Ideal Targets

Finally! A small market lead generation tool

The Small Group Market database is the first tool that allows you to identify and target qualified employer groups with fewer than 100 employees.

These companies already sponsor an ERISA qualified retirement package, which gives them an extremely high likelihood of also offering small-group health and welfare benefits. Our unique approach to qualifying these leads provides you with critical information, such as:

  • That each lead is a valid, active business which already files with the DOL and IRS
  • The signer of their 5500 – the smaller the company, the more likely it is that this person is in fact the owner or president
  • The physical address and phone number of the company
  • The company’s industry
  • Whether the company is currently matching its employees 401(k) contributions. Companies that offer a 401(k) match almost certainly provide employer-sponsored health benefits.

Prioritize Leads

Narrow the Field Even Further

With fields designed specifically for refining this hard-to-parse market demographic, even more details can be gleaned using our filter options:

  • Company Stability Score – a color-coded scale that shows you how fast the company is growing or shrinking using data from the prior 3 years of employee growth
  • Employee Longevity – companies with higher employee longevity are more likely to offer health benefits, compared with companies that experience high turnover rates
  • Estimated years in business – the more mature the company, the more likely they are to offer benefits
  • Estimated Revenue – based on employee size as well as industry type, you can easily sort prospects by estimated revenue
Prioritize Leads

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