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Group Retirement Lead Generation
With the new Retirement Plan Prospector, Judy Diamond Associates has created a better way to find prospects to grow your retirement business.

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Broker Recruitment and Competitive Intelligence
The source for carriers to recruit brokers and for carriers and brokers alike to gather competitive intelligence on rivals operating in their territories.

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Group Benefits Prospecting
The American Directory of Group Insurance is the leading prospecting tool for the large U.S. group health and welfare market.

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Self-Funded Prospecting
The Directory of Self-Funded Group Plans is a powerful prospecting tool designed to pinpoint prospective clients in the lucrative self-funded market.

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Finding Top Retirement Brokers
With BrokerSight, identify top brokers in your territory, which employers work with which brokers and critical broker contact data to enhance your performance in your market.

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Connecting Carriers and TPAs
The Standard Directory of Third Party Administrators is the only comprehensive listing of health, welfare, and workers' compensation TPAs.

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Government Filings Compliance
EIN Finder is a database of 7 million EINs and a host of tools to help you get your government documents right the first time.

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